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If there is no on line services in Israel&Germany then find up to 3 off-line srvices in each and do the same for the rest in same manner if time allowed. Germany ====== Searching the German Google site (:// and choosing the option of getting sites only in German, (? ) you can search for several keywords that would show you the range of such services in Germany and the German-speaking regions of Europe (namely, Switzerland, Austria, and parts of Belgium). offers information and comparison between the main dating and match making services in Germany (

These keywords, also used by me, are: - Dating (yes, the word got into the German language); - Verkuppelung - Eheanbahnung - Singlebrse - Partnervermittlungen Here are the main German companies and Internet sites dealing with the subject (although, as you can see by the results for each of these terms, there are many more). Friend Scout24 claims to be the largest site in Germany Friend Scout24 Gmb H Rosenheimer Strasse 143b 81671 Mnchen Tel: 49 (0) 89 - 490 267-714 Fax: 49 (0) 89 - 490 267-701 E-Mail: [email protected] Scout24Dating Caf also organizes speed dating evenings; single voyages, etc.

Einfach vor jedem Gespräch 01053 wählen und sparen, sparen, sparen. Mit 0180 Call Through können Sie auch als Kunde eines alternativen Anschlussbetreibers weltweit und kostengünstig zu festen Preisen telefonieren.

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53 80805 Mnchen [email protected]/30 76 80 49 Other means: T-Online Mobile Dating dating through SMS messages. pid=swissfriends80593&LNG=de [email protected]? Please read carefully the Google Answers Terms of Service.

Contact page: Online Only for residents of Berlin and the region. KG Karl-Liebknecht-Strae 29 D-10178 Berlin Tel.: 01805 / 80 77 37 (0,12 Euro pro Min.) Fax.: 01805 / 00 28 97 (0,12 Euro pro Min.) Email: [email protected], [email protected] Chat - romantic chatting site Global Media Marketing Ltd. Many sites come up as results in the Israeli Google (:// and again, you might want to pick up more through an independent search. as ranked by Alexa ( is, without any doubt, JDate JDate - dating for Jewish singles (from Israel and all over the world). p=14010 Cupid the second largest site, according to Alexa. P=631 Blind Date Contact page/Email addresses: Goop Leibovich 17 Shazar St. from Ad=1 Ilse Magazine - personals site of the magazine Contact page: Contact page: Sec Dating - speed dating agency Dsire Battjes Telefoon 071 - 51 333 71 (tijdens kantooruren) E-mail [email protected] Planet Contact information on the link on the bottom of the page).

Für schnell entschlossene gehts hier zu den 0900 Sexnummern.

Du willst von unseren Telefonsex live Frauen angerufen werden?

Your question will be much more answerable if you ask for information on a finite number of dating/match-making services in these objective is to find dating services actually located &operating out of the contries suggest I ask for a finite no.,but I donot believe there is that many located in most.

But just in case, plse try for 100% in Israel&Germany both on and off-line dating services.

On November 8th 2017 in Geneva, in front of an audience composed of leading personalities and representatives of the Swiss watch industry, the 2017 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève unveiled its prize list, including the Innovation Watch Prize awarded to Zenith for its Defy Lab.

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Transparente und einheitliche Preise inklusive Tarifansage runden das Produkt ab.

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Günstiger 01805 Telefonsex live für unglaubliche 14 Ct/Min genießt du feinsten Telefonsex und lässt dir von unseren Frauen rund um die Uhr verwöhnen. Kein Problem wir geben die einen kurzen Anriss was es mit der Sexline auf sich hat. Aus dem Festnetz bezahlst du 0,14 EUR die Minute (Vom Handy etwas mehr, kommt auf deinen Vertrag an) und 9,90 EUR aller 10 Tage. Wenn du in 10 Tagen nur eine halbe Stunde mit deinem Girl am Telefon sprichst, bezahlst du bei der 01805 Nummer nur 14,10 EUR, bei einer 0900 Telefonsexnummer kostet dich die gleiche Zeit über 59,70 EUR! Also mach dir keine Gedanken, bei uns gibts keine tabus und du kannst dich voll und ganz deiner Telefonerotik Fantasie ausleben!