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Let's get one thing straight: God wants to answer our prayers.

He is our Father in Heaven, and we are His children. So why does it seem that God ignores so many prayers? Because no matter how brilliant or powerful you are, you will never be able to live your children's lives for them.

And if He already knows what we want, why is prayer necessary in the first place? In fact, part of genuine love for your children is to allow them to branch out on their own, to be independent.

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Just as a parent fulfills a child's request, so too God answers prayers.

The Infinite Genius Who created every molecule on this earth, can alter the course of existence in order to answer your prayer.

The next morning you look out your window and, lo and behold, the army corps of engineers is busy at work fixing your road.

The President of the United States took your request seriously and sent in the troops to help! Now who is the one person who can always get through to the president? That is our relationship with God – Father and child.

To really talk to God, you need to know He is willing and able to do it all.

Otherwise, you're only talking to your finite concept of God – and not to our true Father in Heaven.

Jeff learned at Aish Ha Torah for the next six weeks. If you don't anticipate God's help, then you have lost sight of God as your Father.

He was a very serious student, and went back to the States with a commitment to continue learning. So God breaks the flow in order to realign your focus.

Jeff had been in Norway, visiting his Norwegian fiance. He looked at the stones and said: "God, I don't believe in You. Jeff whirled around and shouted, That question hit Jeff like a two-by-four right between the eyes.

And he decided it was now or never: either he is going to come to Israel or he'll never make it. He figured he would stop by the Wall to see some old stones. He had just finished asking God for an introduction, and immediately someone was offering to introduce him to God.

A year later, Jeff came back to Israel and told me the end of his story. Focus on the fact that the Almighty wants everything good for you. How could you possibly expect your prayers to be answered when you have such a negative outlook on life.