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Baseball -- Warren Smith, chairman, Joe Self, Stanley King, L. Last year he won fourth in the nation-wide high scnoo'i poetry contest. Twenty establishments in Abilene reported 1,189 employes during the mont has against 1,121 for the same month last year.

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The roster ror 1936-37 is by no means complete, said Dr. "There are several mem- Merkel Merchants Announce Six Free Rodeo Shows During Summer Sped*! Rodeo dates, as anonunced, are: April 23,- May 9 and 33, June 6 and 20 and- July 18. A bunch of ten steen, purchased in Port Worth for this year's shows, are already in pens hert. Hastings was chosen mayor of Sylvester In a municipal election, which failed to bring out a heavy vot« Saturday. Announcement of the contests' outcome was not given, however, until a special meeting Saturday, to honor representative writera of Texas of the past century. March employment in«Abi Jene increased 6.1 per cent over the same 1935' month, well in line with the state average, reports Texas Business Review, monthly publication of the University of Texas/bureau of business; research. Merchants Trade Extension association of Mer- a series of six free rodeos, at. -- A; their intention to enter the competition for the three cash prizes totaling 5, whila -another may enter x complete an eight club circuit. Bob and, Mark Malone, who have a naticn-fftfe reputation for staging rodeos, have entered into contract with the association to manage this season's shows, and instead of buying its own cattle the association has contracted with John West, local business and stock man, to furnish 8 head of Brahma steers and 15 cows and calves for the various events during th« season. Kirkland Edwards of Navasota entered "Victory for Death" and Herbert Foster of Amarillo composed "Plains Pioneers." Four of the five winning students, including Miller, were presented as their poems were read at the fi~st unit of a Centeninal program for Texas Literature at the Beiton school Friday evening. Mc Glothlin's farm near Comanche and the colored stone from the T. Jack Lovett of Lovett Bros, has engaged in top and body work for the past fourteen years. The program was held in the high school gymnasium to secure funds Marvin Miller, Jr., Abilene student who has received state and national awards for his poems, was winner of first place in the Texas high school poetry contest at Mary Hardin-Baylor, in Beiton Saturday. The finance committee of the board of trustees is working on plans for completing President hall this year. Butman Entry Takes Merkel Amateur Event Six-cial To TIi*' tleporter-News MERKEL, April 4.--Delbert Garner, eight-year-old son of Mr. Howard Garner of Butman, was winner of the first prize, , at high school, j the community amateur contest was chosen · sponsored by the Merkel Lions club. It was hi* second time to win the Texas event, and he was given the Sjolander poetry cup as the 1936 winner. The company owns and operates three gins in, the county, two at Colorado and one at Buford. Dorn of Colorado has been business manager for several years. The voting was held at the regular luncheon Friday. Members discussed plans for the club softball team.

"Feather Chain" was the title of the poem which took for Miller the state contest. Brewer was the program speaker, talking on "Communism." The Curbstone quartet gave the musical selections.

White, district superintendent of adult schools; M. Showalter t county superintendent of adult schools and Mrs, Miller, art instructor. ' The board also confirmed the .employment committee recommen- ·' datiton of B. Boger of Weather- · ford as dean of the college, effect!

Shelton; Misses Winnie Hood, Chlotilde Johnson; Mrs. Ruby Eincaid and granddaughter, Ruby Jane; Leonard Davis; R, E. -Uinouncement of his election to · that post and of.other faculty selections for the 1935-37 session were Saturday by Dr. Brabham, Mc Murry president, following the April session of the board 'of trustees, Friday night. Freeman, vtfio recently resigned as secretary-treasurer at Mc Murry and will next year head tha business ad: ministration department at Abilene Christian college.

Both rings for 'ther ring can be purfhtsed separately award for third place winner, a two weeks pass to the Queen theater, was presented to a trio from Noodle.

and here is shown the ensemble idea as developed by Granat, Amcrica't leading ring stylist.

And, as part of the double summer entertainment program, the Inter » Community Baseball league, sponsored by the,same organization, will open on Saturday, April 18, Seven clubs have already signified CITI ELECTION A. Hastings Chosen Mayor Over 2 Opponents; Vote Is Light Special To Tb« Reporter-Ifew* SYLVESTER, April 4. Two students tied for first place in the contest for the best poem on Texas. To house the office, an attractive stone building has been erected, the clear stone coming from Mr. Into larger quarters at 141 Sycamore street has gone Lovett Bros. The 141 Sycamore street location was occupied the last three years by Abilene Top Body Works which moved recently to 550 Oak street.