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The station is licensed to broadcast as an Adult Contemporary radio station and plays music suited for the tastes of the people in the region of the Eastern Cape and Garden Route.This is monitored by the South African licensing authority known as the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, or ICASA.Algoa FM operates from Digital studios in their head offices based at The Boardwalk Casino and Shopping Complex in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.There are three Drive shows from 3pm-7pm that cover different areas namely; the Drive with Gordon Graham that covers the Border Region (East London through King William’s Town, Queenstown and up to Aliwal North), the Drive with Jacques Arendt that covers the Garden Route (from Knysna to Mossel Bay), and the Drive with Wayne Hart that covers Port Elizabeth and the remainder of the Algoa FM broadcast area.The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

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The Drive in East London and the Garden Route broadcasts through the Algoa FM signal as a transmitter split.

Algoa FM reaches throughout the Eastern Cape and Garden Route, from Mossel Bay to Barkly East and as far north as Colesberg.

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