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But I’m curious [if] people with brains find this quote remotely plausible [and] if women in particular buy this image of what a female software engineer looks like.'Another person thought she appeared too 'sexy,' writing: 'If their intention is to attract more women then it would have been a better to choose a picture with a warm, friendly smile rather than a sexy smirk.' 'External appearances and the number of X chromosomes a person has is hardly a measure of engineering ability,' Wenger told Tech Crunch.

'My goal is to help redefine 'what an engineer should look like' because I think that is a step towards eliminating subconscious bias towards diversity in tech.' On Medium, Wegner wrote about more hazards of being female in a male-dominated industry, saying: 'I’ve had men throw dollar bills at me in a professional office (by an employee who works at that company, during work hours).

, a short film created by Stu Maschwitz of Red Giant "entirely in Adobe After Effects, using mathematics and code, and hundreds of hours of painstaking animation work" to pay homage to the futuristic wireframe vector graphics seen in early 1980's movies like . We sure haven't -- this was as good as it gets, we're only going backwards now.

Also, can you use this same technique to make an adult video? Keep going for the video as well as a behind-the-scenes video if you're interested.

Seen here being modeled by a lady who clearly picnics the same way I always do (alone and with a pathetic food spread) these are the Star Wars Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter picnic blankets available from Merchoid. It finds it too, in the hands of the person filming.

They measure 150 x 200cm (~4.9 x 6.5-feet) and come in their own Star Wars branded carrying bags so even if somebody doesn't know what's in your bag, they at least know it's something Star Wars. So like, has this cat been juicing and hitting the gym, or is it just big boned?

"You dropped some butt stuff like two blocks ago." And you weren't going to say anything?!

"It's fat." That's pretty meaty for an outdoor cat.

So we’re not only giving you incredible profile examples you can use, we’re also telling you which dating site or app they work best on.

You can get away with more exaggerated humor and funny/cocky attitude on Tinder than you can on other apps and dating sites.

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