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The importance of linking data across different domains will also be crucial to improving health outcomes, as health depends on many factors beyond the individual, across many different Societal Challenges Building up trust among all stakeholders was thought to be crucial to addressing these concerns, as was finding win-win scenarios where all parties benefit from sharing data with each other.

Michaela Black presented MIDAS (Meaningful Integration of Data Analytics and Services), which aims to connect big data in health and present it to public health policy makers in accessible and useful ways; this will help inform better policy-making decisions at all levels across Europe.

(slides) Supriyo Chatterjea presented Big Medilytics, a broad consortium which aims to take a holistic view of healthcare in order to improve productivity in the healthcare sector by 20% by addressing the major themes of chronic disease, oncology, and industrialisation of healthcare.

Entitled “The Way Forward for Big Data in Transport”, the hangout presented the results of the work done in the BDE project and discussed the advancements of big data in the transport sector.

On 13 December, 2017 we hosted the third workshop in the domain of Societal Challenge 1 (Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing).

Many resources such as manuals, webinars, screencasts, and template containers are also available to help reduce barriers to entry in big data across all domains and Societal Challenges.

Kiera Mc Neice then presented the SC1 pilot, which has replicated the functionality of the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform with open components in the BDE infrastructure.

(slides) Guillermo Palma presented i ASi S, a project focussing on personalised medicine.

The project aims to develop pilots in lung cancer and Alzheimer’s disease by connecting electronic health records, genomic data, bibliographic data, and public pharmacological databases, and is based on the BDE framework.

The high-level attendees were ideal contact partners with regard to further establishing and developing the take-up and exploitation actions with regard to the outputs of the BDE project.

As a widely known flagship project, BDE attracted a great number of stakeholders to its booth.

This will drive data-driven innovation further and strengthen the European data economy as well as enhancing its positioning worldwide.