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If you click a red “X”, a pop-up message will ask if you would like to uninstall that application.

Applications which are not installed have a grey download icon. Applications which are required by other applications will not display an icon.

Here are the descriptions of the available modes as listed in that file: ; Set the mode to run App Cafe in (default will pick between server/desktop if X is installed) ; desktop = Full access to local system packages ; server = Full access to local system packages, no Xorg packages listed ; mode = desktop , is used to browse for available software.Applications which are already installed and which are not required by other applications have a red “X”.If you install software using any of the tools described in this chapter, you will automatically be notified whenever a newer version of software is available.The rest of this chapter demonstrates how to use the built-in graphical and command-line tools for managing software and upgrades.Alternately, to view all of the available applications for each category, click the “Recommended” button which will change to an “All Apps” button.

Click the name of a category to view the available software within that category.

Note that Check the box to “Enable App Cafe Remote”.

Then, input a username and password to use for remote access and select a port number.

It also describes how to App Cafe® provides an intuitive, graphical method for installing and managing software.

It provides a graphical front-end to Free BSD packages, which are pre-built applications tested for Free BSD.

The “Categories” pane lists the available software categories.