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Seeking is used by male business execs who on an average rake in an income of £170,000 per year, Women (and men) are encouraged to sign up to exchange their time and affection for five-star dates, shopping trips, and, in some instances, regular cash allowances.The website targets university students by offering a free premium membership to users with a university email address, and it has also reported a 58% jump in university students enrolling in 2012, according to the Sugar babies signing up to the site are asked how much they expect from their sugar daddy (or mommy), with the option to request a desired income reaching up to more than £12,000 a month. According to the site, this amount represents "money that may be given to you in the form of an allowance to help with bills or tuition, or any other forms of pampering such as gifts, travel, or meals."Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the fourth-oldest surviving university in the world (yeah, we know how to use Wikipedia).In 2012, 168 Cambridge students joined Seeking, the controversial U.S.-based Internet-dating website that pairs attractive young "sugar babies" with wealthy, usually older men.The Love Web, a “centralised flirt register of who fancies whom”, allows people to hook up without even having to give their name.

The site is also full of tips for those seeking partners, advising them: “If you have a sense of humour :), demonstrate it!

The dates are the same for every year except for Easter term: 9 November, 13 February, and 14 May or 21 May depending on whether Easter Term starts on 10 April or 17 April.

By Matt Stokes Singletons of Oxford, help is at hand: a dating site aimed exclusively at Oxford University students has just re-launched., which was founded over a decade ago, re-launched on 27th May and describes itself as “a free chat and romance site set up specifically for students of Oxford University”. The website claims to be “the most popular student web site in Oxford by some margin, getting around 15,000 page-views per day”, and claims to have been instrumental in at least 11 marriages.

Andrew Miles, a fourth-year student at Exeter, said that the website “used to be really popular.

Or is this simply an inevitable response to the increased cost of getting a decent education?