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Some Christian thinkers and church leaders saw it however as an attack on free speech, an American value conservatives are known to dearly defend.Experiencing a decline in full-time students and rise in online enrollment, Fuller Theological Seminary in California has announced that it will sell its 13-acre campus in Pasadena that has been the school's home for 70 years.

The messages are mixed and unclear but with a dangerous undercurrent of what society wants their behavior to look like.Magazines continue to portray the airbrushed goddesses young girls believe they should look like and are filled with little more than beauty and sex advice forcing teenager girls to play dual roles in society.Joshua Holt, a former Mormon missionary from Utah who had been imprisoned in Venezuela since June 2016 on false charges of espionage, arrived in the United States after his release Saturday and met with President Donald Trump, who said securing his freedom was "a tough one." Liberty University English professor Karen Swallow Prior suffered multiple fractures and a collapsed lung after being hit by a bus while walking in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.Amid outpouring of love and support, she says from her hospital bed her condition "is nothing short of miraculous." Liberty University students and faculty are helping produce an 85-minute feature film that will be shown in over 1,000 theatres nationwide highlighting one man's "Trump prophecy" and a movement of prayer that led up to the election of President Donald Trump.They can innocently listen to their favorite singers new song online and then minutes later watch a video of them drunk at a party.

Teenagers can spend time researching school homework via the internet only to find themselves bombarded with ads for online dating websites, single “hook-up” forums, and the like.Online teens see photos of drinking, partying, drug abuse, casual sex and other irresponsible behavior, while being sold on the idea of having a “sophisticated” lifestyle.Social networking sites have become preferred outlets for interaction and remove any subtlety or relevance messages contain leaving teens confused about the ideas and images their being show.The co-owner of a Pennsylvania bridal shop who felt she had no other option but to close her family's business following attacks from LGBT activists, says their livelihood is still being threatened even after they closed the 22-year-old store in March.When the NFL announced new rules requiring all players to stand for the national anthem, stay in the locker room if they can't or face a fine for breaking them Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump celebrated.Teenagers are constantly inundated with messages from various groups, each with their own agenda (almost always an aim to sell), and few that have a young teens best interests at heart.