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The designation of bandeja paisa as a national dish has been subject to much dispute and there are many disagreements about what should be included.You can find a version of it everywhere in the country. This is typical of the Tolima area, which is to the west of Bogota.

It is a platter filled with steak, pork crackling and chorizo sausages served on a bed of rice and red beans.

To top it off, there is usually a fried egg and it is often served with slices of avocado and sweet banana chips.

Sancocho can be found all over Colombia and is often served in simple pavement restaurants as a dish of the day. Served with arepas, manioc or plantain, this is a plate full of grilled meat such as chicken or beef as well as fried cow intestines.

It is covered in aji sauce and can be found all over the country in some form.

Colombian cuisine is a blend of European and indigenous ingredients and many dishes include pork, potatoes, chicken, beans, corn and rice.

The main meal of the day is traditionally eaten between two and four, particularly in the countryside.

Much less well known is Colombian cuisine and most people would find it difficult to name a typical dish from Colombia.

That doesn’t mean however that Colombian food isn’t worth trying; in fact the opposite is true as many of the dishes in Colombia are packed full of flavor.

One of the great joys of traveling is being able to try the traditional food of a country.

Some countries are famed for their food and nowadays people are able to enjoy varieties of Chinese, Italian, French and Indian dishes in some form in their home countries.

The origin of this dish lies back in Spain and Portugal.