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These marks are often visible on the innner case of the clock so always have a look for these if your thinking about buying one.Note that pawnbroker marks / dates are likely to be much later than the clock was made. So, if you see a six figure number next to the intials then dont assume its a date – if the numbers dont make a date then its a pawnbrokers mark and the clock may be much older than any accompanying “date”.

Having said this, rather like a wrist watch, once the clock is back together is as solid as a rock.

You can shake it, turn it upside down, and pretty much do anything short of playing football with it; it will still run.

Others are intrigued by a clock's inner workings, exquisite artwork or beautiful case.

Regardless of the focus of a clock collector's interest, knowing how to identify a clock, or where to find the resources to help with its identification, is essential.

The adjustments I made would have taken probably an hour or so had I know exactly what was wrong.

Instead it took 3 hours simply because you really have to be careful and test things very thoroughly with finer clock movements.

Its a carriage clock after all which means is desgined to function in transit or when placed on and uneven surface.

Repairing or servicing a carriage clock should therefore not be done to the beat of a drum or a deadline. Todays job is an Irish mini carriage with an hour chime.

Its by W Gibson of Belfast and dates from 1890 – 1899, probably 1895 – 6.

The reason it can be accurately dated is that it has service marks on the base.

When your problems are not obviously visible, and a result of microscopic damage, its incredibly important to be forensic in approaching things.