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It has much more in common with the "Revised Standard Version" or even "The Living Bible" than the King James Bible.

The existence of this translation is based upon a letter called the "Letter of Aristeas".

Aristeas claims to be a high official in the court of the Egyptian King Ptolemy Philadelphius.

Many Reformers and Lutherans wrote at great length refuting the validity of the Septuagint.

One Catholic lesson posted on the Internet states: "Me, I will trust the version of the Old Testament that was loved by Peter and Paul." This is in a lesson entitled "The Canon of the Bible and the Septuagint." The only reason given for accepting the Apocrypha is that Christ and the apostles quoted the Septuagint.

All 72 translations were identical (after 72 days of translation work).

This supposedly proved that the translators were inspired by God! Miller, (General Biblical Introduction: From God to Us, p.It is easy to see why Roman Catholics and modernists are so devoted to the idea that Christ used the Septuagint!But why are so many evangelicals devoted to an idea for which they can not offer any proof ?Supporters of the "Christ used the Septuagint" theory often refer to early Christian writers (such as Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Cyril of Jerusalem and Augustine) as proof that Christ and the apostles used the Septuagint.The writers quoted can all be found in either the Ante-Nicene or Post-Nicene Fathers.Roman Catholics use the idea that Christ quoted the Septuagint to justly include the Apocrypha in their Bibles.