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It’s fine to mention your neighborhood, and chivalrous inclinations like wanting to pick a lady up or take her home are lovely, but should be avoided at first.

Where you live and exactly where you work is personal information, and nobody should make you feel like you absolutely must give it up.

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Your date might be genuinely interested in you, but declining that ride home for valid safety reasons.Pressuring is not sexy, so just be understanding that perfect end-of-date chivalry has to make some concessions in the digital age. Don’t even necessarily tell them exactly what/where your place of work is.Sorry if this puts a damper on things, but she’s doing me a big favor! Remember you can always slip off to the bathroom and call a taxi or a friend (who already knows you’re on this date).And daters, don’t be pushy if you’re just trying to make a romantic move.These are not absolute guarantees of perfect safety or happiness, but they sure do help you avoid sticky situations. “[email protected]” = best.) Don’t graduate to using your ‘real’ email account with someone until you’ve met them at least once and gotten a positive vibe, and you both would like to continue seeing each other. You can visit Tech Tips to make email more online dating friendly. Only send pictures that you would be comfortable seeing show up out there in the great wild e-world, since you have no control over what happens to a picture once it leaves your outbox.

Keep in mind that when you meet a potential date in ‘real life’, i.e. Don’t give them your My Space, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you’re uncomfortable revealing any image of yourself on the Internet, that can make online dating a little trickier, but it IS still possible! 3) Be equally cautious about giving out any social networking info.(And really, you should have already mastered this art while partying in ANY situation with a bunch of unknown people, i.e. If you wind up in a situation where your creepy-vibe-giving date winds up driving you home, you’ve failed me!a big house or frat party, a singles bar, etc.) This goes for daters of all genders and orientations! Make sure to make very specific transportation arrangements.Online dating gets a bad rap, mostly because people who go about it foolishly wind up being very vocal about how terrible it is.In fact, there are some very simple (but VERY NECESSARY) steps you can go through to ensure a dating experience that is no more unsafe than going on a regular/conventional/offline date.This means you don’t go to your date’s place and have them cook you dinner on your first date, or even your third date if you want to be super-safe.