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Historically the hot water is for dipping a shaving brush into.

Sometimes they are made so that shaving soap or cream can also be kept warm for a more luxurious shave. Early vintage mugs and scuttles were generally decorated (sometimes elaborately): vintage mugs in particular often depicted the shaver’s occupation although sometimes they showed membership in a fraternal group or perhaps a favorite hobby.

The Shulton Company, owned by William Lightfoot Shultz, was the original producer of the Old Spice line of products.

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A recent addition is the shaving cream scuttle (or perhaps more accurately, a scuttle).

The shaving cream scuttle was originally meant to keep the lather on the shave brush warm throughout the shave.

It comes with a porcelain cover and sells for approximately 5. Though the graphics, dimensions and colors update and change occasionally, the bottle's general appearance has not changed.

Old Spice coffee mugs existed primarily in the 1980s. One of the most valuable Old Spice bottles contained Lime aftershave or cologne.

One of the most expensive and rare mugs is an English mug produced between 19.

Made by Wade Pottery in England, it features a ship on one side and an Old Spice inscription on the other.In 1937, the first Old Spice product produced was the Early American Old Spice for Women.It was a combination of roses, cloves, herbs and other spices, packaged with a colonial theme.Shulton grouped its products into gift sets almost from the beginning, trying a number of different combinations. You can purchase a 1953 aftershave and talcum travel set for .For , you can purchase a 1938 set containing a shave mug, aftershave, cologne, bath soap and talcum.The oldest containers featured the ship Grand Turk. In the 1990s, when Proctor and Gamble purchased the brand, the ship became a sailboat.