Dating scams from uk christian dating sacramento ca

In over twenty years in the debt collection business I have used a number of service and investigation agencies.

With recent government figures saying that some 40,000 people have been victims of online dating scams, Insight Investigations can confirm that this is now becoming a major problem as our increasing client list proves.

Insight have taken on many such cases and, on occasions, have been able to reunite the client with some or all of their money.

They will tell their target any number of stories to prove their credentials and on some occasions the stories can be incredibly in-depth with some checkable facts.

Most recently US and UK military identities have been used on many occasions with the fraudster saying he’s deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq.

We are delighted with the outcome of their investigation, that got to the truth of the matter, enabling us to eliminate this and operate more efficiently"I had to use the services of Insight when I suspected my husband.

The incredible professionalism and discretion was superb. I can heartily recommend insight for any investigative situation the professionalism and dedication to the job in hand was exemplary Insight Investigations offer a professional service and are well-versed in the services that they provide.

Pleasant in their telephone manner, easy to communicate with and available to assist at short notice.

A good experience to say the least""I am delighted with the prompt and efficient service carried out by Insight Investigations.

Irrespective of where they are based the fraudsters have accomplices around the world to facilitate the collection of monies.

Legally, this is known as an “Advance Fee Fraud” or a “419 Scam” and was first recorded in 1992.

Most Dating sites operate strict controls in an attempt to ‘vet’ their members but as they increasingly get more ‘savvy’ these experienced thieves regularly pass the vetting procedures and begin to trawl the site in search of the unwary.