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how can i do it Why is it impossible to "unsubscribe" ?- I would like to join, but my e-mail address has changed and I cannot get it alterd.Netlog is an online platform for informal communication specially established considering the European youth demographic In Netlog, you can make your own website page, develop an entire informal community and share your music playlists, offer recordings and post sites.Netlog clone goes for creating comparative long range interpersonal communication stage where clients can interconnect, post and visit to each other.They're trying to get you to register with their dating site by sending you emails to throw you off guard.

If you cannot remember which sites you registered with, they depend on your not being sure.and after some exchanges of emails, usually resolve the problem.They have collected your contact details via some app or other site. I asked them to delete the contacts that they collected, and they did.why is my account blocked this is payable site , i am send message it asking premium membership. i just opened a two account,how long does it take to activate or for pple to st ART SEEING UR PROFILE The email address of ust 1496125665265000 & usg AFQj CNGLf9Q0SJOLB7kq FLvr QNf91y5qlg ?I want to delete my old photos and upload latest ones.I'm not so good at goodbyes, so I'm calling it hello. hello is the first social network built on loves, not likes.