Dating sites in thames valley

You’ll be overwhelmed with the choice of adventure, social and leisure events we have on offer.Don’t worry about joining on your own; 75% of our members join solo and there will be a coordinator at every event to make sure everything runs smoothly!Interestingly, a GMB survey apparently ranked it the fourth dirtiest town in the South East, though we suspect this is because of the proximity of the M40.

Which kind of makes that logo just look like a big dirty wink (I said wink), doesn't it? The site also provided a handy list of adulterers' favourite places to conduct affairs.

Adulterous activity also climbed in Basingstoke, which clocked up 675 people having an affair, versus 662 the year before. Apparently, ten miles away from home or work is the optimum distance for city dwellers to conduct affairs, while resident of small villages and towns should add another five miles.

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Clearly this isn't enough to keep the occupants fully occupied.

Apparently 2.05 per cent of the Surrey county town’s inhabitants are having affairs, which equates to 1,250 people - well up on last year’s 1,001. The jewel of the tech-heavy Thames Valley is where many execs from vendors and channel partners alike make their homes - before lying in someone else’s.

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So there you have it: if you spot your partner’s Audi 15 miles away from their office at 2pm when they’re supposed to be putting the final touches to a cloud migration strategy, you have every right to be suspicious.