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If the breed is more common, hundreds of samples can be collected versus just a few for less common breeds. In fact, Szuchman notes that the Mars testing company database featured information for up to 157 breeds over DDC's meager 63.

That said, check the breed list before you choose a company to see that it includes the breeds you suspect your pup to be. Szuchman also found that some of the results did not match up to her dog's appearance.

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DOG DNA identified the Keeshond as Golden Retriever, Akita, and Samoyed.

They are, apparently, using the same test and breed list as Canine Heritage.

Note that the American Staffordshire Terrier is not one of those 58 validated breeds.

It is, perhaps, good news for those whose dogs are constantly faced with ill conceived breed specific legislation.

"As if curiosity wasn't enough, some folks spring for the tests to help explain canine behaviors such as rooting around after moles (Terrier? To view Szuchman's full article and see her helpful chart on how the tests compare, see the link below.

) or even a propensity for congenital conditions such as hip dysplasia (German Shepherd? But with up to four competing DNA companies who promise to analyze doggie cheek cell swabs or blood samples, the Woof Report wondered, how do you choose which test is most accurate? Paula Szuchman, the author of last week's WSJ article on this topic had her pup's DNA tested with four popular dog DNA services: Bio Pet's DNA Breed Identification, Meta Morphix's Canine Heritage Breed Test, Mars Veterinary's Wisdom Panel MX Mixed Breed Analysis and DDC Veterinary's Dog DNA Breed Analysis. In the meantime, here are the highlights from Szuchman's experience: DNA Is So Random.The dogs pictured in an article published in the Houghton Lake Resorter also seem unlikely to have the breed inherirtance reported.An article by Linda Dahlstrom on MSNBC similarly questioned the results ...The dog owner recognized that this was extremely unlikely and contacted the lab.The lab admitted an error had been made but has not yet sent the replacemen results.(This was reported on a My Space Group for Mix Breeds and Mutts "So I got my dna test kits this week. The dna for one dog, Dakota, a dog of unknown heritage was submitted.