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The next few hours – Energy period; energy derived from the food.3. White flour, sugar and rice will give you an insulin spike.

De Angelo is popular in the Internet dating community for his “cocky & funny” pickup techniques.

Once students go deeper, they are hit here with the ugly truth: you’re probably still a boy.

The inability to attract women is simply a symptom of the invisible barrier to being a man that most men sense.

Notes from David's part in the Man Tranformation seminar. Eustress – Positive stress Structural Distress = Problems Ex: Stress = Weight (literally, as in obesity). They aren’t subject to “sustained stress” like humans.1. TV is a negative influence (educational shows are okay).3.

It is also referred to “chaos theory.” In our context, we are referring to the domino effect that one thought has in producing many subsequent thoughts (imagine the dominos aligned in a triangle, not a line). “Enjoyment” is the underlying emotional tonality All three are necessary to be in the most productive state. Use Excel to keep track of sales, gross revenue, deposits, marketing, etc. David ran out of time so he had to rush and abridge this information. Although k sounds like a lot, in my personal industry, it’s not unusual to pay over k - k for consulting. And I have no regrets because I think in terms of cost/benefit.

We need to avoid the trigger of the thought or stop it when it begins. One study showed multi-tasking lowers your immediate IQ more than smoking marijuana. Increasing productivity: We need to develop our “focus” muscle like any other muscle. We want to have “Clean Focus;” the ability to focus on one thing with clarity. “Clean Cuts” means stopping one activity before starting the next. His business seminars are much more expensive than his PU seminars so I really appreciated that he threw in the bonus sessions. I’d like to form a mastermind group if anyone’s interested. I’d like to meet people who are really motivated and committed to becoming financially successful. I have made a very conscious effort to select only wings who are educated and accomplished because I want to surround myself with greatness. You bring the raw materials for maintenance and repair, to your cells.

Look at your 5 closest friends – you are their average. Periodization is most widely used in resistance program design to avoid over-training and to systematically alternate high loads of training with decreased loading phases to improve components of muscular fitness (e.g.

If it’s outside my “circle” of influence, there’s nothing I can do. In athletics, when physical stress is at a healthy level (eustress), an athlete experiences muscular strength and growth, while excessive physical stress (distress) can lead to tissue damage, disease, and death.

Periodization is an organized approach to training that involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period of time.

3-4 hours to the rest of your life – Long-term health and wellness Most people make eating decisions based on #1 (above).

He is much slimmer than he was in his previous DVD’s. Value is a nominalization; a freezing of a process. Person B’s power was only to decide if person A got the money at all.