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The virus would then create 50 new messages from the recipient's machine.At that rate, the Melissa virus quickly became the fastest-spreading virus anyone had seen at the time.

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These programs can generate strong passwords for you, enter credentials automatically, and remind you to update your passwords periodically.

There are several online password management services that offer free versions, and Kee Pass The Protecting Your Credentials how-to article contains detailed recommendations for keeping your password safe.

Social engineering is a fancy term for someone trying to get you to give up your personal information -- online or in person -- so they can use it to steal from you.

Anti-spam traps may catch e-mail messages coming from phishers, but the U. Computer Emergency Readiness Team says the best way for you to beat them at their own game is to be wary.

As mentioned earlier, it forced a number of large companies to shut down their e-mail systems to control the spread.

The ILOVEYOU virus, which appeared on May 4, 2000, was even simpler. People who double-clicked on the attachment launched the code.

It then sent copies of itself to everyone in the victim's address book and started corrupting files on the victim's machine. It is really more of a Trojan horse distributed by e-mail than it is a virus.

The Melissa virus took advantage of the programming language built into Microsoft Word called VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications.

In the case of the ILOVEYOU virus, the whole thing was human-powered.

If a person double-clicked on the program that came as an attachment, then the program ran and did its thing.

The virus would then send the document (and therefore itself) in an e-mail message to the first 50 people in the person's address book.