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Shortness (and deafness, which The Dish is also exploring at the moment) sits right in the blurry space among disability, disease, and normal. ” Why is 5’2″ too short for a man, but not a woman? Human height does fall along a bell curve, but it varies around the world and throughout history.

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On issues such as this, I tend to defer to personal liberty and the discretion of the parents.

The reader is clearly not taking the choice lightly.

I am Yao Ming) to a normative one implying a disability.

We might think something is a disability for a few possible reasons.

The reader feels inclined to give his son the treatments, while the reader’s wife is appalled at the idea.

When is it alright to use HGH to help your kid grow to a “normal” height?Athletes really like to pretend that HGH makes them more powerful. Whether it works or not, athletes should be allowed to utilize it.But banning performance enhancers is a topic already covered, so let’s look at something more interesting.He sees both his wife’s concern and the doctor’s suggestion to use HGH as legitimate.He is considering letting his son get a bit older, so that his son can at least make something of a choice regarding the HGH injections.The relevant question isn’t “is shortness a disability we should treat with HGH” but, “would making a child who will likely be short a bit taller improve that child’s overall quality of life?