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It also means that you will not get the coaching and advise you need to successfully use the products correctly and get the best out of them. The basics is that you have 2 nutritional shakes per day along with some hebalife vitamin and fibre tablets and also 2 healthy snacks and a healthy tea.

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Just had a baby two weeks ago and not yet able to exercise apart from walking.

Would you recommend that I wait or can use whilst breast feeding as people say you shouldn't diet when breast feeding?

Just wondering if anyone has used herbalife to loose weight and can recommend what shakes vitamins and supplements you are ment to take? Thanks hi - I have been doing herbalife since about November as my sister became a distributor and I thought I would help her out.

The thought of any diet based on shakes prior to this was an absolute no no!! However my baby is now 3 and the baby weight remains despite several attempts at both weight watchers and slimming world.

I always have cookies and cream shake, and for breakfast I add a smallish banana to it and some cinnamon and I LOVE this, and for lunch I have it straight or maybe add some cinnamon again or some coffee (pretty nice also).

In between I have a protien bar which are only as expensive as a mars bar really - and I really do like them and usually one of those mini pots of hummus and some carrot sticks, which adds to the protien.I have multivitamin tablets wich you can purchase through herbalife and I take these 3 times a day with my meals ! I am based in the Nottinghamshire area and can advise anyone on the products that would be suitable for them and give a free wellness evaluation.Please please please do not buy any of the herbalife products on line because it is illegal on the terms of herbalife for any distributor to sell the products online using sites like ebay or amazon etc and doing so can loose them their license.I wish you luck - it's horrible and boring being on any diet - and horrible feeling like you need to be on one!Emma xx Hey thanks so much ladies for your advice on herbalife.It is proven to improve health & well being and improve energy levels.