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This example also shows how to use the Transparency Antialiasing mode of the ARB multisample extension to provide higher quality, order independent transparency for geometry such as trees.This mode converts the alpha value of the pixel into a 16-level (dithered) coverage mask, which is logically ANDed with the raster-generated coverage mask.

This sample uses the GPU to render post-processing effects with source images and video.

It takes advantage of the nv_image_processing framework, Cg, and GLSL for to implement several video filters, including guassian blur, edge detection overlay, wobble, TV-noise, radial blur, and night vision.

This example demonstrates how to combine post-processing effects with multisample antialiasing in Open GL.

Current texture hardware is not capable of reading directly from a multisampled buffer, so it is not possible to use render-to-texture in this case.

Just plug in the Emu board, and you’ll be up and running in seconds.

Macintosh Floppy – Supports 400K, 800K, and 1.4MB floppy disk images, in raw or Disk Copy 4.2 format.Macintosh Hard Disk – HD20 hard disk emulation is compatible with the Macintosh 512K, 512Ke, Plus, SE (not SE/30), Classic, Classic II, Portable, IIci, IIsi, or LC I. Disk image file is compatible with popular software-based Mac emulators.Lisa Floppy – Emulates 400K and 800K floppy disks on the Lisa 2/5 and 2/10. Disk images are compatible with common Apple II emulation tools such as Apple Win and Ciderpress.Smartport disks are compatible with the Apple IIgs, Apple IIc (ROM version 0 or newer), Apple IIc , and Apple II or IIe with a Liron disk controller card. See the instruction manual for details on drive numbering and boot priority.Apple II Floppy – Emulates 5.25 inch 140K floppy disks on any Apple II series system, as well as 3.5 inch 800K floppies on the Apple IIgs and Apple IIc . The FBO extension has the advantages that it is window system independent and does not require a separate Open GL context for each render target.