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Please note that if you are under the age of 18, you may not participate in the College Fantasy League or WSL Fantasy Surfing.

(C) HOW TO PLAY: You need to identify yourself with a college, and there can be an unlimited number of players from each college provided each player registers with a college associated email (e.g. The College Fantasy League shall commence on August 24th 2017 and shall end on December 21st 2017.

The approximate retail value of the total Prize being awarded to all of the Winners, in aggregate, shall be no more than ten thousand US dollars (,000 USD). The Prize consists of only those items specifically described as included in the Prize.

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All travel is subject to the terms and conditions set out in these Game terms and any set forth by the airline carrier of WSL’s choosing.

Prize Winners must be able to travel on dates determined by WSL.

For example, if a surfer on your College Fantasy League team scores 15.05 in a heat, you’ll get 15.05 Fantasy Points.

Your total is the combined Fantasy Points of all selected surfers from each Event. You will be prompted to select a requisite number of surfers from the respective three (3) “Tiers” of their CT ranking at the time of your selection (as available on the WSL Website) (“CT Ranking”): Your selections for each respective Event must be submitted prior to the respective Event start time (see

You will need to select new surfers for each Event, and repeat the process above using the updated CT Rankings.

(D) WINNING TEAM: Each college team will be scored by calculating the sum of the Fantasy Points earned by each player from that college.At the end of the 2017 Men’s CT season, the college team with the highest cumulative College Score will be the “WSL College Fantasy League Champion”.The odds of winning depend on the number of participants in the WSL College Fantasy League.Prize will be awarded “as is” with no warranty or guarantee, either express or implied, by WSL.Prize is non-assignable, non-transferable, and must be accepted as awarded. WSL reserves the right to substitute the Prize for another prize of greater or equal value.The Fantasy Points from the top 10 players for each college are calculated per Event.