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However if you do meet someone local and decide to meet up, we urge you take extreme precautions and read our blogs about Chat Safety and Meeting people from the chat rooms offline.

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If you want to keep in touch outside of chat, use throwaway instant messenger (Skype, etc) accounts so you aren't losing much if the account is compromised or you acquire a stalker and have to get rid of the account.

Take full advantage of our video and audio advanced chat room software and get truly intimate with other users.Don't be surprised if you cross paths with people in your local area; a lot of people use FCN's sex chat service.That’s how you’ll meet someone you’re truly compatible with and who shares your sexual preferences.Some callers imagine that these services might be nerve-wracking and intimidating.Just about everyone who uses an adult chat line is nervous at the start and that’s okay.

It’s only normal to be anxious when you’re putting yourself out there. You’ll be fine and be able to talk with lots of other callers who share your passions.Before calling a sex line, take a deep breath and just relax. It’s anonymous, so you have nothing to lose by putting yourself out there, and so much to gain.Using free sex chat phone lines is one of the best ways of finding an exciting way to talk with many like-minded people.The more confident and self assured you sound, the better it will be.Remember how nervous you were at first, when listening to other people’s messages.Many people are nervous when they first use an adult telephone service.