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Also I don’t really want to fuck up any of your guys’ jobs either, just in case your boss decides to pop her head over your cubicle wall while you’ve got a screen full of wood-carved boners…even if it is technically considered “religious art” and not “hardcore pornography that might legitimately get you fired”.Kunley could also apparently freestyle his ass off, and would do mock songs trashing any self-righteous religious jerk he met, but he was so good at it that in most of the stories the dude he’s ragging on just tips his hat, throws up his hands and is like One time an uptight monk asked Kunley: “What crime did you commit that hell wasn’t deep enough for you?

They have a festival every year where people go and get blessed by a Buddhist monk, who says a prayer and then taps them on the head with a foot-long wooden carving of a dick. to the established way of teaching, and decided he was going to spread the good word of Enlightenment in his own special way. I’m somewhat out of my depth trying to discuss Buddhist religious philosophy, but I am under the impression that his entire life was basically satire aimed at “pointing out the fallacies of conventional reality”.

Mostly he did this by walking into a town, heading to the town square, and declaring his catchphrase: sing a bunch of dirty karaoke jams about dicks and orgasms, talk shit about the government and the priesthood, and then bone everyone with his crazy Tantric powers (and yeah, he was one of the original gangsters of Tantra, even before Sting). Basically, he was saying to let go of your pretention, stop pretending you’re someone you aren’t, and just give in to your basic human nature without being embarrassed or inhibited, because spiritual happiness only comes when you let go of earthly conventions. Like I said, I don’t really understand a ton of it, but it appears that he was an incredible thinker, speaker, and debater, with an iron-clad grasp on the teaching of Tibetan Buddhism, and any time someone would fuck with him he’d destroy them with some brain-meltingly badass argument that was like and he’d bang a half-dozen nuns he just met five minutes ago and still have enough energy to thump an evil spirit unconscious by swinging his nuts like a medieval flail.

One story claims he met the dude in charge of the Gelug School (the one the Dalai Lama runs today), and that guy gave Kunley a blessing cord to show support for what Kunley was doing.

Kunley tied it to his dick and went around the marketplace showing everyone how “Enlightened” he was.

According to the mythology surrounding this Saintly Lama, when this guy wasn’t bringing Enlightenment to maidens once drunken orgy at a time, he was swinging his dick around like a baseball bat and using it to bludgeon evil spirits and demons unconscious in a scene that I imagine to resemble something like that hammer-wielding fight scene from if it was produced by Vivid Entertainment.

And he was so damn successful at it that to this day women pray to him for fertility, and the people of Bhutan call for his help by painting his Flaming Thunderbolt of Wisdom on their homes to ward off evil spirits.

The source isn’t clear.), cut them up, served the meat to a village, then magically turned the bones back into living animals.

Another time he took a small handful of tea leaves and mighty morphed them into a fucking keg of booze so that everyone in town could get ripshit drunk.

Drukpa Kunley became incredibly disillusioned with the hypocrisy he witnessed, and he hated that these dudes were saying “oh yeah totally give up all material possessions and desires if you want to achieve Enlightenment,” and then they’d go off and hoard money, sleep with women, and screw their buddies over so they could get promoted.

Drukpa Kunley hated that these guys were going through the motions without even following their own advice, so he said fuck this and decided he’d do this shit himself.

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