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Little Matilda is about to be sprung back into the spotlight as her late father's long anticipated documentary is set to air on Spike TV on May 17.

The film will feature home movies and interviews with Heath's close friends, family, and co-workers — and we imagine his daughter and her mom Michelle will be a part of it.

Naomi Watts is also an actress and she is from United Kingdom.

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And finally in 2004, he met love of his life, Michelle Williams and began dating her.

Within a year, they welcomed their first child daughter, Matilda Rose.

His net worth before his death was around .3 million.

Heath Ledger was from the upper middle class family born as Heath Andrew Ledger in Perth, Western Australia, Australia to Sally Ledger (née Ramshaw) and Kim Ledger.

'Matilda can know her dad in so many ways, and so many of his friends who will be able to tell her stories.

The late actor's wife Michelle Williams was spotted walking home with her daughter Matilda Rose Ledger back in January — and the 11-year-old looks just like her famous dad.After his school days, he played his role in 1997 movie, Blackrock.He got worldwide recognizance in 2005 after appearing in the movie, Brokeback Mountain and for that role he also won Best Actor of 2005. For his role in the movie, A Knight's Tale, he earned the salary of ,000,000.After their first meeting they fell in love and began dating afterwards.After he broke up with American actress, Heather Graham, he began dating Naomi Watts.For his school graduation, he sat for an early examination but later called it off and began focusing on his acting career.