Intimidating management style

We work toward making you the one who decides whether you’re hired or not!Topics: Rehearsal, Performance, Review The business meal is not about dining!

Through an interactive experience, Denise creates a comfortable and entertaining atmosphere where the group is able to explore today’s perplexing social issues and learn easy-to-apply solutions.Etiquette courses are custom designed to maximize your objectives.These settings reveal professional polish in its entirety.From receptions and banquets to formal dining and restaurants you will become skilled at the intricacies of the dining table.Add to that, a quality product or service and excellent work ethic to create a lucrative business relationship.

This one-hour session assists the professional with a “checklist” for personal effectiveness.

There are reasons business is conducted over a meal.

It is the social side of a business and can make or break deals.

Tips about what is proper and improper attire and grooming for both men and women are discussed in this forum.

Topics: Style & Fit, Accessories, Hair & Makeup, Shoes Growing relationships are vital to growing and sustaining a business.

The etiquette essentials team breaks down every aspect of a dining experience so that you are well-equipped and comfortable at the table to carry on the business at hand.