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, Maksim Chmerkovskiy finally has his Mirrorball trophy. Meryl allowed me to bask in it a little bit, but that's our relationship. You got frustrated this season, but it never went over-the-top. I was just thinking, "I get it now." It's not who's better or who's worse, you know? Chmerkovskiy: Yes, and everybody dances to the best of their ability and when they do and they feel it, it's their best dance. I want to apologize for not giving them this opportunity earlier. Had I known then what I know now, I probably would've done it earlier just for them. Sinatra said, "I did it my way," and I'm proud of it.

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Does that loss and waiting seven more years to finally win make you appreciate this more? There would be no riots or outcry because Amy is just as deserving of that win. So with that in mind I came back to the show with a new mentality. People want to be entertained and if you're not, why would you want to vote for me? Let's do it." What came out of it was what you saw. I have issues with my knees, my ankles, my hips hurt. You've never seen me do a rumba this way, you've never seen me dance barefoot. But I want all the people who supported me all these years while I was annoying and unreasonable to stay and watch. I want them to exhale and to understand that each one of them has a trophy too.

When you got Meryl, a lot of people were like, "He must've asked for someone he could win with. When you go to a circus and you see an angry clown, do you like that? None of these things people heard because for the first time, I didn't want to follow the formula that I followed every season before that.

Andrews will start taping her 7th season as co-host of ABC's long-running reality series, , alongside Tom Bergeron, this fall.

Having a unique perspective on the competition, Erin was also a contestant in 2010, where she was paired with Maksim Chmerkovkiy and earned third place.

Those were his terms for coming back."Chmerkovskiy: I did not.

My history and things I've said about the show are [well-documented]. I've had differences of opinion with them and [outgoing executive producer] Conrad Green in the past.

And she also was aware that this scene would not have taken place before she had asked for rules to be established in the house. ” – He asked once more, popping his head out from under the blanket. She could bend the keys on the keyboard with the fury she was typing. Not because they weren’t where they should have been, but because – he bent over slowly, whispering in her year – “You get spanked here because I say so, not because you want to.” It was a strong kick at the first piece of the domino. She raised her eyes, fixed them stubbornly on the white wall in front. He hadn’t been determined to break her before, but now he was. The belt snapped again against her bottom, but she kept looking forward, trying to detach herself from the pain. She started twisting, hoping he would miss the spots that hurt so badly. Enough…”He stopped for a moment, giving her false hopes.

He did not refuse to take part in the project, but she hadn’t been spanked either. And her guilt raised the frustration in her, which lead to deliberate disobedience. And she knew his thoughts, the moment she saw him standing up: he wanted to end the argument; he didn’t want to confront her. Without even looking up, Jas continued to type madly at her computer. She heard him sigh and could almost hear the internal fight he was trying to control. Without further ado, he moved to her left side and raised the belt. It was a challenge and he would not be beaten at it. It would take some work to get to her, but he didn’t mind. Past the arrogance, the rebel wall, straight into her mind.“Take your hand away.”She did. Mike raised her wet chin, forced her to look up, into his eyes.

He could be mean, if that’s how she wanted to play. He bent over her small body again, whispering in her ear: “Do you give a damn now? ” She didn’t answer, but tears dripped from her nose to the blanket.

He whipped her ass even after it had collapsed on the bed.

Photos: Check out sexiest costumes from Season 18 of "I really had no expectations. You guys have gotten a lot of mileage out of the romance speculation. This was the first time I was like, "So that's what it feels like when people are rooting for you." I didn't feel any different as far as treatment, like, "You get any production piece you want." But I felt that people genuinely wanted to see me succeed, and that gave me a lot of confidence. I don't think Diana Nyad's dance was any worse than Meryl and mine; it was just hers. I just wanted to do it and no longer for anybody's approval. How important was it to take the past two seasons off? I had no plans to the point even if it financially kills me. There are hours and hours of footage of me behind the scenes that if they come out, my God! Add new fall shows to your Watchlist Are they on the level of "sex on a stick"? I came up to Tom when he was cussing in dress rehearsals and I was like, "Now you know how it feels." He was like, "This is bullsh--! You have no idea in 18 seasons how much stuff there is.