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The dash cam features a built-in GPS and G-sensor to provide locations of events and impact.

I ended up turning off all non-camera settings (such as lane departure) since my Prius v Package Five already has the "advanced technology" features.I applied two software updates since I received the unit 3 months ago.These afterschool computer classes, teaching 16-18 year olds computer coding and hacking skills, sometimes act as a feeder program for the unit, with students receiving invitation letters from the IDF.The 18 years old selected for the unit, are primarily chosen for their ability to teach themselves, and to learn very quickly, as the unit will only have access to their services for a short time before their military service period ends.It is subordinate to Aman, the military intelligence directorate. As a result of the youth of the soldiers in the unit, and the shortness of their service period, the unit relies on selecting recruits with the ability for rapid adaptation and speedy learning.

According to the Director of Military Sciences at the Royal United Services Institute, "Unit 8200 is probably the foremost technical intelligence agency in the world and stands on a par with the NSA in everything except scale." Unit 8200 was established in 1952 using primitive surplus American military equipment.

I had the Garmin Parking Mode cable (purchased separately) installed professionally to ensure proper installation behind the interior trim.

The only issue is the overly sensitive nature of some of the settings in the Dashcam.

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In March 2004, the Commission to investigate the intelligence network following the War in Iraq recommended turning the unit into a civilian national SIGINT agency, as is in other Western countries, but this proposal was not implemented.