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Someone should have told them to be careful what you wish for.When Tad meets Rosalee and gets a taste of what he's been missing in the real world, he decides he wants seconds and moves to West Virginia, turning Rosalee's dream come true into a nightmare for Richard Levy, Richard Levy and, most of all, Pete.There are a lot of Tony fics where he is trying to deal with Kate's death.

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Kate/Tony is a pairing of Caitlin "Kate" Todd and Anthony "Tony" Di Nozzo from the NCIS fandom.Canonically, Kate and Tony's relationship could be referred to as a sibling love/hate relationship as they argued and constantly competed with each other.The entertainer, 51, has trained in jazz, tap, acrobatics and ballroom dancing and is well known for being a judge on TV’s Dancing with the Stars and playing Peter Allen in the musical The Boy from Oz. It was tough getting used to everyone having an opinion of you. When Dancing was big, we had two million viewers on a weekly basis.He talked to me about how he got his start, what he’s learnt from a life in the spotlight, and embarrassing moments from the first time he stepped on stage. So we’d been touring with a show called Todd Mc Kenney Sings Peter Allen. So it was always the day after the show, when I was flying home.I said: Let’s put some new numbers in to keep it fresh for us. [However] I just wanted to be the best male dancer in Australia, that’s where I was aiming … Everybody has got a review now, and everyone’s happy to put it online. I was captured or captive, I suppose, in the Qantas Club.

We wanted the whole thing to feel like we were in my house, where you could talk back [and] ask questions. I wanted to do more turns than anybody else, I wanted to leap higher and I just wanted people to notice me as a dancer … Well, my mum’s a dancing teacher; my grandmother’s a dancing teacher as well. And my lime green knickers, they got darker green every time I would go to the front [of the stage and] it would get worse. The first time I did Fat Cat, I couldn’t see properly out of his head, and I just kept mowing the kids down. And I was standing in the middle of it just thinking, “Oh this is so far from where I ever expected to be.” From really middle-class suburban Perth to one of the most iconic moments in Australia’s calendar. That’s when they all wanted to come and have a go at you. One lady pushed her little 10-year-old kid in front of me and said “tell him what you think”.

Even though the Tate ship isn't as popular as the Tiva ship, people still cheer for it.

Todd Mc Kenney is marking his 30 years in showbiz with a new show, What A Life, performing songs from the artists who have shaped his life. Dancing with the Stars has been on air for 15 seasons. I wasn’t ready for that, I didn’t think about that …

I think it’s kind of interesting to let [audiences] know where it all began.

So I’m going to put my or our own stamp on some of the songs that I grew up with. She taught me my first poem then she taught me my first song, so we’re going to put that in. We celebrate the artists who have inspired me – such as Peter Allen, Bette Midler and Barry Manilow.

And then there are some beautiful stories about people I’ve met, all the fans that come and thank me …