Koukyou no maedo sex

In this movie, none of these strong points are retained.

It's rushed: it gets down to the drama pretty soon, neither taking time to get you back in the mood (which is excusable as it's a straight follow up) nor trying to set up any sensible set of rules for the time travel issue at hand.

A fair offer that will please fans of the franchise, and while I doubt it would really impress anyone but the real fanboys, it still is a pretty decent watch to go with a beer in one of these cold evenings. All issues in the anime have been resolved, the love polygons sorted out, the conflicts resolved, the guy gets the girl (or the other way around), and everyone else lives on blissfully.

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It is now up to Kurisu to find a way to get Rintarou back.Source: Wikipedia It goes without saying, DON'T watch this until you watch the original anime.The series sold well, they just had to crunch out something more, even though there was little genuine plot related reason to, nor themes or characters that really offered chances for further development (and, indeed, there's hardly any real development here).On the other hand, they could have gone the usual, lame "recap gekijouban" way, but they still tried to offer something new, so kudos for that are in order nevertheless.For clarification, visual novels are considered a sub-genre of adventure games and the term does not cover simulations.* Based on a visual novel by 5pb and Nitroplus.

The film takes place one year after the events of the anime series.

As for technical matters, the movie feels very consistent with the series.

One could hope for something more from this media format in terms of budget, when it comes to visuals especially, but there was nothing wrong with them to begin with (quite the opposite), so again nothing to specifically complain here. All in all, this movie is what we could have expected for it to be, especially given the quite satisfying, conclusive ending of the series: arbitrary fan service (in the broader meaning, don't worry).

Thus, while the drama per se isn't actually all that bad (although it definitely is a bit too much of the been there, done that kind), without a charismatic lead to pull you in everything becomes if not really boring at least quite... Neither there is any time (nor effort, actually) to give some space to the rest of cast either: they orbit around to be plot devices in a couple instances, delivering a key sentence here and there to move things, but they mostly are mere extras.

Which, again, is to some extent justifiable given the time constraints of the movie format, but still contributes at making the product feel overall quite shallow in comparison to its prequel.

Moreover, Okabe is chained into a side role this time around, the leading character, the one through whose eyes we are told the events being Kurisu.