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I bet me and Janela are a subject of choice because a foreigner in the small village of Tegizchil is something really uncommon.People have been spying on me and Janela since the word has gotten out that I am living there.He wants to make my stay as enjoyable as possible because it will also make Janela happy.

We've spotted some neighbours looking at us through the fence while we were gathering berries.I was holding Janela by the elbow which was an event interesting enough to attract a small comitee.She tells me she is sad to go, that she would like to stay with me and so on.She has such a casual voice that it sounds just like a prepared speech, Janela is completly void of emotions. I decide to go to my room and after a while, a completly different Janela appears at my side.I imagine that we will spend quite a lot of time together because in the last three days she was completly into me, and I into her.

I also imagine that her parents will treat her like a princess because she is going to Tomsk, siberia in less than a week.Considering that I am breaking every possible Kyrgyz tradition known to man, and possibly monopolising their daughter, they are nice and understanding, I also don't understand that.I actually think we should tell the parents and they would approve, I think Janela worries to much, that she sees problems where they are not.When I was with Ilona, we just had a separate room but now that I'm alone it is different.Kyrgyz homes are constructed in a different way than in europe. I also never pay for accomodation that means no hotels or hostels unless someone pays them for me (it happens).