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He is silent, observant, and very protective of himself. If he feels that you're whining about non-verbal emotional communication, then he will sense you're either insecure or a pain in the @ss! " If your man is a Taurus, consider yourself LUCKY! For my case, he does call me or message me once every 2 days if I don't communicate with him. Taurus men are actually the MOST conservative men in the zodiac. Do not let the 'playboy image' or outgoing personality fool you. This means do not expect any verbal communication of Shakespeare sonnets to transmit to you. I should probably leave it all behind but I know I wouldn't be able to say no if he asks me out. :( Sound likes yours lied to you in the beginning already and he cheated on his ex-wife? for me once a cheater, always a cheater, and you found out he lied? I am sure you can find someone better than a liar right?But once a decision is made, it can NEVER be reversed. We have had some moments when he thought I was flaky but overall the relationship has been stable and solid with good sex and both beening there for each other.

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Sad i know but the truth is no taurus man likes change but if he is compelled by love he has have for another women then there is no stopping him.Trust me i know b/c i am currently in love with a virgo(a more compatible sign i might add) who i have known for 5 years. We have always stayed plutonic but there has always been undeniable energy between us.He still want to do things together on my date off.The last time I spent a night in his house, we didn't have sex. Does it sound like he is taking a step back or something else? Maybe he treated me like this because he knows I am already doomed? that taurus man is talking bull, he sounds like a player... I also talked to him about not returning my phone call at night. Since his ex-wife's been thinking moving back to their original country with the kids, whom he can't live without, he might not be here for too long.

(he cheated on his wife which finally led to the divorce) He sorta apologized for appearing to be cold or distant.

I am a leo girl and I know leo and taurus is supposed to be hard in the beginning. He's observing how you interact with other people..carry yourself. I also read about Taurus, you have to let him chase you. :( I am a taurus man and I have been married for almost nine years. I can understand what everyone is saying when they say that a taurus man is more likely to stay in a bad marriage and cheat vs. Its a very very hard thing for me to imagine leaving someone that at one point I pledged my heart to Especially when we have two kids ourselves.

However, it wasn't hard for me with my ex taurus nor this taurus .. Loud, vulgar, disrespectful, and cheap women turn him off. The thought of you flirting with another man will drive him nuts. Persistence and patience are the two key factors to attract a Taurus man. If he knows that he aleady has you then you are doomed! when I am with him, ya, he makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world, pay all the attention to me. The one these other people are not saying is that when a taurus has made his mind up and is set on his next move there is not an army in the world that can change it.

A well played seduction will capture any taurus mans heart.

Being sensual beings we are susceptive to seduction. Brama Bull, What do you mean "but if you end up giving up the booty to early "?

So if you stop having sex with him then he will probably end the relationship?