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Well, for starters, over-masturbation would be several times a day.

Some doctors even recommend that men keep their ejaculation (not masturbation) frequency down to two or three times a week.

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Later on, the same source mentions that the seminal vesicle absorbs air, which is transferred into the brain, and this may lead to stupidity and insanity. Simply ask yourself — could you say that lower a IQ could result as a side effect of masturbation, and do you feel more stupid or more insane before or after masturbation?!

[3] Sperm contains DNA, which is a carrier of the heredity genetic code, and RNA, which contains enzymes, proteins, glucosides, lecithin, calcium, phosphorus, biological salts, testosterone, etc.That leads to the conclusion that sexual activity can be experienced more often if a man learns how to achieve orgasm without ejaculation, which is one of the tantric sex principles.According to “old knowledge”, achieving orgasm without ejaculation stores bioenergy and makes the penis firmer, hence your erections last longer and the volume a man ejaculates is larger.Male baldness is namely directly related to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), just like the production of DHT is related to sex and masturbation.If a person over-masturbates (over-ejaculates) testosterone is converted into DHT. But they are not the only myths about masturbation — here are some others: masturbation leads to blindness, baldness, impotence, mental illness.For example, when extracting calcium from the body, one could cause him/ herself fatigue and pain in the bones.