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The clause “to the extent permitted by law” may alleviate concerns regarding enforceability and federalism.

Consider Getting Legal Assistance With Your Domestic Violence Case If you've been the victim of domestic violence or are in a position to report an incident of domestic violence, it's critical to take action as soon as possible.

In many instances, the domestic violence incidents recur and can get progressively worse.

So are all healthcare providers subject to the mandatory reporting requirement? If you are a healthcare provider or work with healthcare providers, be aware of your state's particular mandatory reporting laws.

In Pennsylvania, for example, mandatory reporting requirements apply to both healthcare providers and managers of a healthcare facility, but there are well-defined exceptions to mandatory reporting.

In all but three states, there are mandatory reporting requirements for domestic violence and related injuries.

While the law varies somewhat from state-to-state, the core is generally the same. California provides a relatively simple, clear example.One question many healthcare providers have is whether they have to tell the patient about the report.State laws typically don't require that the healthcare provider tell the patient about the report, though it is encouraged, if possible.Also, try to enroll the patient in a counseling service of some kind.There are resources available through most hospitals, and some resources available outside of hospitals, too.The first bullet below is an example of a regulation that requires reporters to complete and submit all information on the jurisdiction’s form rather than listing in the statute all of the detailed information that is required to be reported.