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Nell is able to read Arabic (Harm's Way) Nell is fluent in Spanish and an expert on South America (Enemy Within). (Higher Power) She likes to receive flowers and strawberries; in Episode: Greed, she sends flowers to herself and reveals to Eric only after his never ending pestering.

The flowers are noticed at first by Sam Hanna who comments, "Looks like somebody has a secret admirer." When Eric notices it, he stops mid-sentence and says, "Nice flowers." In Episode: Plan B, Sam and Callen are impressed by Nell's idea that the arms dealer Nelson told the mexican gang, the Southend Kings, that Ray had enough information to put them to jail.

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just three 'golden rules.' And this is why we have double ups on rules #1 and #3.

Three of them are Gibbs' rules; three of them are Mike Franks’ rules. And it's up to the fans to guess which of the rules were Mike Franks’ three golden rules and which were Gibbs'.” by the DC Metro Police.

Some have speculated that the original Rules #1 and #3 are actually ' Crime Scene Rules' and not Gibbs' Rules.

There are also theories that because the rules are not written down, the numbers may be fluid.

In episode: Black Market, Nell admits to Granger that although she wants to be on the field, she does not want to be there as a replacement for Kensi.

In Episode: Getaway, Nell and Eric share several kisses.

In Episode: Free Ride Nell and Eric had their first kiss.

In episode: Merry Evasion Nell goes into the field,partnered with Deeks, as Kensi is in Afghanistan.

In Episode: Blame It On Rio, Nell reveals that she is a member of the furry fandom.

Her fursona is a fennec fox, and she has attended Los Angeles' local convention (which really exists), Cali Fur.

Thomas Arklie is the boyfriend of 46-year-old actress, Pauley Perrette.