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According to the complaint, the financial institution’s lawyer told Doe's attorneys that “she was ‘perplexed’ why the Sun Trust corporate defendants would be responsible for conduct committed by defendant Eichler using his professional Linked In account” and said his alleged behavior, which Does said included job recruiting discussions, was “outside the course and scope of his employment.”Sun Trust didn’t reply to a request for comment on the matter or the lawsuit.“Corporate sexual harassment training must meet the demands of an evolving digital world,” said Doe’s attorney, Ben Meiselas of Geragos & Geragos.

“I’ve had my fair share of weird messages on Linked In, so my standard practice is not to accept invites from anyone (mostly men) that I do not know or are not affiliated with my industry,” said a woman who works for a technology firm and requested anonymity for professional reasons.“In short, [Linked In] is not much more professional than any other social network site, in that people are messy and bring their messes everywhere.”Linked In is the closest thing Stephanie Mc Donald has to a workplace.He later added that it could be a “late night secret” before sending a graphic photograph, she alleged.After Doe didn’t reply, he wrote “Ugh, I guess I screwed up :( bummer dude.” The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent retention and supervision.“We take allegations of this nature very seriously, do not condone harassing conduct and take appropriate actions as warranted,” a spokesman for Sun Trust said before the lawsuit was filed.Mc Donald sometimes responds by saying she’s not interested, stressing that she uses Linked In for professional purposes.

“Some people don’t say anything; some people come back and are pretty cruel,” she said.Eichler didn’t immediately return requests for comment.Suzi Owen, a Linked In spokeswoman, said sexual messaging such as that described in the complaint “is prohibited and violates our user agreement, and we investigate and take action when violations are identified.”Despite billing itself as a professional network, unprofessional behavior isn’t a new complaint by users of Linked In.The singer makes no apologies for flaunting her curvaceous physique.“My body is art,” she wrote in a post with another naked photo.“I don’t think its appropriate, honestly, at all,” she said.