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Abenaki Indians: Stories & Legends Bibliography (Ne-Do-Ba): Title, author, publisher, and ISBN listed for over 15 books on Abenakis and other New England tribes.Native Lore: What To Read After Tony Hillerman (St. See also the Inspirational Fiction page for Christian fiction. Mormon Mysteries: Mainstream Mystery Novels Featuring Mormons (Religion in Literature Database): 'The novels on this list feature Mormons as the protagonist (the detective), as the antagonist (or possible suspects), or as both.' Lists authors of Mormon mystery and detective novels, and lists fictional detectives in Mormon mystery novels, as well as summaries and details on some series.

Novels by Kavita Das, Mohsin Hamid, Daniel Horch, Khaled Hosseini, Betool Khedairi, Ruchama King, and Hayim Sabato. Discovering Arabic Fiction (Steve Infantino): Suggests a 'starter' list of about 20 books, with author info, publication info, and very brief summaries for each. Japanese Voices in Fiction (Multnomah County Library, OR): Author, title, publication year, summary for about a dozen books by Japanese writers, from Kobo Abe's by Zhaoyan Ye. Indian Literature (Evanston Public Library, IL): Author, title, summary, webcat link for over 100 fiction works, as well as poetry, anthologies, non-fiction titles, and videos, about India and Indians. Author, title, publication year, brief summary, webcat link for about 40 fiction and non-fiction titles by Asian and Asian-American writers. (Elmhurst Public Library, IL): Extensive booklist of all things Italian.Arabic Political Fiction in English (Middle East & Islamic Studies Collection, Cornell University Library): Eleven books, in alpha order by author, with publication info and summaries. Irish Voices in Fiction (Multnomah County Library, OR): Author, title, publication year, summary for over 25 books by Irish authors, from Geoffrey Beattie's . Lists almost 40 works of fiction and 9 mysteries that involve Italians, Italian-Americans, or take place in Italy, all with summaries; 33 biographies or autobiographies of Italians; 26 books on the arts and culture of Italy; and more non-fiction.Charles Public Library, IL): Author, title, and tribe only (no summaries) for 21 novels by or about Native Americans. The Clergy: An Ecumenical Booklist (AART, Rolling Meadows Library, IL): Author, title, publication year, and page count for 12 novels, from William E. Mainstream Science Fiction and Fantasy with Mormon Characters and References (Religion in Literature Database): 'Lists mainstream science fiction and fantasy novels, short stories and movies (speculative fiction) which contain references specifically to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to Mormonism in general.' Noted that most of the authors of works on this list are not Mormons.Over 230 books or movie listed, with author, title, attitude toward Mormons, approx.The Jewish World in Fiction (Seattle Public Library): Author, title, short summary for about 30 fiction titles, from Pearl Abraham's . Latin American Voices in Fiction (Multnomah County Library, OR): Author, title, publication year, summary for about 30 novels by Latin American writers, from Jose Martiniano de Alencar's . Feeling' Hot Hot Hot (Wolfner Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Jefferson City, MO): List of 10 titles, with author and detailed summaries of each title. Hispanic Writers and Stories (Johnson County Library, KS): Lists fiction titles by about 35 Hispanic authors with webcat links. Latin American Authors (Kansas City Public Library): Lists about 15 authors, with country of origin and webcat links for each, from Isabel Allende to Mario Vargas Llosa. Seitzer, Durham County Library, NC): Author, title, summary for each of the 25 books. Native American Novels and Short Stories (Harris County Public Library, Houston, TX): Author, titles, brief summaries, webcat links, for about a dozen story collections and novels exploring the lives of historic and contemporary Native Americans, from Sherman Alexie's .

Hispanic-American Fiction (Madison Public Library, WI): Author, title, publication year listed for Mexican-American, Colombian-American, Cuban-American, Dominican-American, El Salvadoran-American, Guatemalan-American, Puerto Rican, and South American books. These are novels by well-known Hispanic and Latin American authors. Charles Public Library, IL): Author, title, and country of origin of author for about 20 novels by Hispanic authors. Selected Bibliography of Native American Writers and Their Writings ( Institute of Technology): Extensive bibliography of PRINT resources only, for oral and written Native American Literature. Native American Fiction (Addison Public Library, IL): Title, author, tribe, and webcat link for 14 books, by authors including Ella Cara Deloria, Peter Bowen, Margaret Coel, Louise Erdrich, W.Also: If You Liked Eric Jerome Dickey's The Other Woman ... (12 books); If You Liked Omar Tyree's Flyy Girl ... Literature of the Middle East (Evanston Public Library, IL): Author, title, summary for about 40 fiction works, as well as poetry and anthologies, about Arab-Americans, Moroccans, Iranians, Algerians, Turkish, Lebanese, Saudis, Iraqis, etc., some set in the middle east and some in other places. The Islamic World in Fiction (Seattle Public Library): 'A selection of fiction reflecting various aspects of Islamic culture, faith, and history around the world.' Author, title, short summary for about 30 novels, from Leila Aboulela's . Asian American Fiction (Multnomah County Library, OR): Author, title, and publication year (no summaries) for novels by Asian Americans, listed by nationality: Burmese American (1), Chinese American (48), Filipina & Filipino American (11), Japanese American (24), Korean American (12), Laotian American (3), Taiwanese American (2), and Vietnamese American (3). Fiction from India (Madison Public Library, WI): Author, title, publication year listed for over 50 books. East Indian Novels (Johnson County Library, KS): Lists over 40 fiction titles by Indian authors, with webcat links.(8 books); If You Liked Zane's The Sex Chronicles ... Fiction, Memoirs & Culture of the Middle East (Fairfax County Public Library, VA): Author, author's homeland (includes Israel), title, summary, and webcat link for about 15 novels, memoirs, biographies, and books of poetry. By the Pen: Modern Arabic Fiction (Boston Public Library): By author, with book(s) listed. Asian-American Fiction (Madison Public Library, WI): Author, title, and publication year listed for Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and South Asian fiction. Asian Pacific American Authors & Titles (Johnson County Library, KS): Lists over 35 fiction titles by Asian-American authors. Asian and Asian-American Authors: A Selection (Montgomery County Library, MD) : Subdivided into lists for Chinese and Chinese-American, Japanese and Japanese-American, and Korean and Korean-American.Author, title, publication information, and short summary.Quaker Fiction: Anecdotes and Folk Tales (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends): List from the Quakers of about 90 novels featuring Quaker characters or the Quaker faith, from Marjorie Hill Allee's .year, webcat link for almost 55 novels, from Tina Mc Elroy Ansa's . Charles Public Library, IL): List of 9 black detectives, authors of series featuring that detective, and summary of series/sleuths' character. If You Liked Sister Souljah's The Coldest Winter Ever ...