Roku instant queue not updating

Additional instant viewing options In addition to your instant queue and search, when you can now scroll down the onscreen interface, you will now find a wider variety of instant viewing options available.Most of the options are genre based--comedy, action/adventure, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, indie, romance, thrillers, TV, children and family, horror, documentary, and foreign--but there are also new arrivals sections for TV and movies, plus lists targeted by your recent viewing habits (for me, they were: critically acclaimed violent crime movies, suspenseful revenge movies, gritty movies, visually striking movies).Radiotime is a sort of virtual radio service that provides easy streaming access to your local over-the-air radio stations--it's a mainstay on such audio streamers as the Logitech Squeezebox series.

It's looks basically identical to what you find on the other Roku channels, such as Amazon Video on Demand, and It has an onscreen keyboard that you manipulate with the remote.

You can only search titles, not actors or directors, but it works well.

Very helpful to hear from both of you on this, kmbnks and wide856, albeit sorry to hear that you're having the same problem.

It's a weird issue, but seems to resolve itself, as mysteriously as it appears.

If I add an older watch instantly movie to my watch instantly queue, it does appear in the queue.

to its streaming customers on Wednesday, giving international users a way to save titles for the first time.

We recently purchased a Roku Digital Video Player at our office and have been experimenting with it.

The Roku remote is very simple with minimal buttons which is nice in most scenarios but whenever you have to type anything into the Roku it is fairly annoying that there is not a keyboard available.(Note: my queue is still available through my Mac Book and my i Pad) we have the same problem.

I received the upgrade early, and was able to give it a quick hands-on test.

Interface Roku's current Netflix interface is something of a yawner.

I've had it happen on Appletv, as well as on both my i Phone, and i Pad - sometimes at the same time, other times not, sometimes just on apple tv.