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Today very well developed terminologies of all the specialist fields of geography and related subjects exist in the main world languages. Nowadays geographical terminology requires unification and international correlation more than ever before.

Hence the idea of compiling a multilingual polydisciplinary dictionary.

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Geographical terms are related to the terms of natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, geology, etc.) and humanities (history, economics, sociology, etc.) since geography is based on these fundamental subjects.

Geography includes a number of disciplines and subdivisions which appeared along with the development of the science In spite of being very different geographical disciplines have some common tools of investigation which is maps, comparative method of exploration, remote sensing, geoinformation systems.

Geography is a system of highly developed sciences about the environment.

Geographical science embracing the study of the Earth's physical phenomena, people and their economic activities has always been in need of an extensive terminology.

But in our Dictionary we intentionally decided to combine the two functions – defining and multilingual, because a short definition of the term and equivalents in other languages help to achieve our main aim which consists in showing the basic geographical terminology and harmonizing it in several languages.

Having this into consideration we deliberately mixed two types of dictionaries in one.

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