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I have no idea what the future holds for my career..

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Also get to know him more Moreover, they share a lot of their own pictures together on their respective Instagram.Those photos are the major reason for people claiming that they are dating in real life too. If you check Krakow’s Instagram account, you can check her sweet birthday wish.February 2nd (Saturday) - Woke up at 8am and made her a cup of Earl Grey tea. February 7th (Thursday) - Met her at Starbucks at 4pm as planned.We put the crushed methotrexate (abortion pill) into my coffee.Neither there are no any rumors of his dating life nor ever linked with any lady till the date except Erin Krakow.

Seems like Daniel is single at the moment and is totally focusing on his career.

January 18th (Friday) - Met MR for meal and BP found out - overheard me talking about my feelings for MR with MW (colleague Dr Melissa Wickremasinghe) in my office and that I was going to see MR that evening.

Bought MR a gift from Selfridges (Thomas Pink shift and pyjamas) - BP found receipt on the floor in her flat and became suspicious and angry.

December 31st (Monday) - Met her mother and daughter, drank at her flat some champagne and went to a club in Brixton - stayed at her flat.

January 2nd (Wednesday) - Bought her a watch for her birthday. Told her about MR (Malin Roesner) and that I still had feelings for her.

You can check Daniel in the role of Jack Thornton whereas Erin plays Elizabeth Thatcher.