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In a vision, she learned her sister was in Heaven with the company of saints.

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Angela was inspired by the Holy Spirit to dedicate herself to the Lord and to give her life in service to the Church to help everyone grow closer to the Lord.Still filled with grief, she prayed for God to reveal the condition of her deceased sister's soul.On the journey back home, her sight was miraculously restored while she was praying before a crucifix in the same place where she had become blind.The Lord showed Angela through this experience that she must never shut her eyes to the needs she saw around her ? During the Jubilee year in 1525, Angela traveled to Rome to gain the special grace of the plenary indulgence offered to all Christian pilgrims.Pope Clement VII had heard of Angela and her great holiness.

He noted her wonderful success as a religious teacher for young girls and invited her to stay in Rome.

They lived this Rule of Life within their own homes.

This was the first group of consecrated women to work outside of a formal cloister or convent in her day and became the first teaching order of women in the Catholic Church.

One of her favorite sayings was, "Disorder in society is the result of disorder in the family." Though the women in the community wore no special religious habit and took no formal vows, Angela wrote a Rule of Life for those who lived and served in the community of women.

They did pledge to live a life of consecrated celibacy, poverty and obedience.

Angela was humble, disliked publicity and kindly declined the generous offer.