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I’m not lucky cuz I’m with a white man – we are BOTH lucky to have each other cuz we deserve the best! Check out our DIY Travel Guides here and for cheap hostels around the world, check the list here.) This is also for all the Filipinas who are being judged for dating a Foreigner instead of our Filipino men!

Here are the most common misconceptions that I want to clear up – We would love to hear other Filipinas’ stories so please feel free to share your experience below !

After completing my economics degree (in UPLB), I worked in the Middle East for four years before starting this journey.

I funded my South East Asia backpacking trip with my savings then when Jon and I started living together, we always shared our expenses, from food, rent and everything (that’s the British way, in Tagalog “! When I met Jon, he had empty pockets and a 0 broken down motorbike.

PAVE links local and international volunteer groups through membership in the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and through a Volunteerism Databank which promote strategic and extensive networking for sustained advocacy efforts in social development.

PAVE provides training, technology transfer and technical assistance towards effective leadership and professionalism and ensures motivation, mobilization, and management of volunteers to community-based and civil society of organizations and to agencies of the state.

So don’t tell me that we Filipinas just stay at home, waiting for our partners to feed us!

Even if someone does decide to remain at home to look after the family and home, that’s a personal choice which also involves a lot of hard work. Again, it may happen in some cases, but before marrying their Filipina wife, the foreigner must already have met the family, right? My parents are both Professional; my younger sister is also a Dentist while my younger brother is about to finish his University degree.

In partnership with government agencies and local communities, it is now piloting the implementation of the National Integrated Protected Areas System Law (NIPAS Law) in the priority protected areas of the Philippines with a Million grant from the Global Environment Trust Fund - World Bank. Protected area management planning, community organizing and development b.. This led to the compilation of the 12-point framework of watershed management, outlined below, which will serve as the guide in drafting the resource management and land use masterplan.

Eco-friendly livelihood and enterprise development c..

Yes, there are perhaps some Filipinas who have this reason but not in most cases!

I was already travelling on my own long before I met Jonathan (well, I’ve met Jonathan while travelling! Jonathan and I are both long-term travellers and us living and settling down in the UK couldn’t be further from our minds.

In response to the depth of poverty, UUP aims to bring about the attainment of a holistic, ecological friendly, and integrated development programs that would address economic productivity and empowerment of the people.