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I can take a little over half of it before the pain is too much.

Amazingly, I can stuff almost all of it down my throat, which he enjoys very much.

She stopped and took a moment to survey her surroundings, almost conspiratorially. " Whispering myself now, though I didn't know the purpose of it, I breathed, "Okay, I'll bite. " Smiling again, she responded, "Men are dense sometimes.

Then, continuing the theme, she spoke more quietly, as if sharing a secret. Joe, she didn't hold it against you, because she also kept back some of her own.

"As I opened up and told her everything about me, she reciprocated.

Truthfully, I have no idea of the extent of her limits, but from the discussions I've had with her, I'm thinking that hers are quite a bit more, ummmm... than my own." Openly curious, I interjected, "Limits?

She was very comfortable in her nudity, and I was thankful for it. " Without additional pause, she began her explanation.

She breathed a long sigh, as if letting out the stress of a long work day. Haltingly at first, and then gaining speed as she found her thought path and rhythm.Ignoring it and transitioning back to a more serious tone, she continued."When she shared her fantasies with me, she admitted that she was afraid to tell them to you.dirtier fantasies." I wanted to break in again, because I still had no idea how we got to the place we were now. "I believe you and Kristi are safe for us; since, you are totally in love with each other. With that said, I want to support him in what he wants as much as he wants to support me in those things that I want." As she paused, I could tell she was again trying to formulate her next thoughts.Hell, you're the couple that everyone else wants to be." I wasn't so sure that was true anymore, but let it go as she carried on unabated. I maintained my silence, needing to hear what she had to say."Hold on Joe, it will become more obvious, please listen." We held eye contact for several moments, until she was satisfied that I would wait.