Submissive women

Thanks to some harsh inspiration from the riding crop, he quickly comes to understand how the vacuum cleaner works and is soon mincing up and down the hallway with the machine, companied by an avant garde symphony of electrical humming and tinkling sissy ankle bells. ' Heather snaps, taping his pantied bottom with the crop. He moans with a helpless, tormented pleasure into the dummy gag and Heather laughs even louder.

Submissive women-5

For the next ten minute she helps him practice curtseying, showing him the deep "greeting curtsey" to be used when he presents himself before any of his many mistresses, and the "bob curtsey", designed specifically to indicate ascent or understanding.

By the end of this session, Chrissy understands that when he comes before a mistress, he must take up the be-frilled skirt of his baby maid's dress and raise it to reveal his petticoats and panties before performing a deep, ultra-submissive curtsey.

He also tries to fight off another even darker memory: his secret visits to this room when he had thought the house empty; visits to indulge his guilty passion for the incredible mature beauty; visits to her underwear drawers to feel and smell her glorious sheer hose and soft, silk panties, to press his face against her dresses and high heeled shoes.

Visits to explore her dirty washing basket, where there were yet more tights and panties, all marked with the intimate scents of his gorgeous mother.

'Is it because you are back in mummy's room, back in the room where you used to come to be the sissy pervert you've always been? Did you sniff her panties and dream of being fucked by a boy while wearing them?

' The words cut into him, yet, to his horror, they also excite.

Instead, he stares angrily down at his high heeled feet.

'When you understand, I expect a small bob curtsey, not a sullen nod. ' He nearly nods again, but manages to stop himself and then attempt a small curtsey in the lovely, sexy dress.

All he can to is look straight ahead, straight at his sister's long, black nylon sheathed legs, these glorious objects of a dark desire fuelled by the terrible sex drug that is flowing so powerfully through his sissified body.

By the door to his mother's room is a small cupboard.

He obeys and she makes him stand to attention before her, his gloved hands behind his back.