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The Queensland Deans of Education revealed there have been alarming drops in first preference applications for this year’s teacher preparation courses. These professional attributes are the essence of good teaching.

Standardised tests are a unique testing genre, and teachers need to attend to this preparation without abandoning everything else they need to do.

This is a challenge, and the first casualty is teacher creativity. Where’s the fun in teaching if you don’t have scope to be creative?

All this because the Government is refusing to guarantee the rights of EU nationals who are contributing to crucial sectors of British society.

A recent You Gov survey showed that – unsurprisingly – Remainers are more likely to want to live in a European country than Leave voters.

More than 2,300 EU academics have resigned from British universities over the past year, in yet another example of how our choice to leave the EU is negatively impacting students.

This is about more than just the value of having a fluent French teacher.

Almost 5,000 of the EU academics who are leaving work in health sciences area, training nurses and doctors, and more than 1,300 are currently in business departments.

This is unjustifiable in an era where we’re constantly talking about supporting the NHS and fostering entrepreneurship in the UK.

Thanks to Erasmus, I was lucky enough to meet young people from all over Europe while studying at university, forging friendship that have withstood the political fallout of Brexit because international solidarity will always transcend borders. Erasmus , the revamped version in effect since 2014, supports programmes within primary schools, as well as vocational training and adult education, offering vital support to people across all ages and backgrounds.

Young people are being stripped of their ability to pursue a culturally varied education, and will have to contend with the possibility that their qualifications will no longer be valid outside of the UK.

Indeed, some of my most intellectually stimulating lecturers were from abroad.