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Never be misled again by using simple final times as your guide.Just as a horse earns a speed rating for its performance in a race, the race itself receives a class rating to measure the strength of the field.

The class rating is a weighted average of the last 6 months of previous speed ratings from the horses entered in that race.

The number is basically a projection of what the expected winning speed rating should be for that race on that day.

1) The first component is called the raw speed rating.

This number is a direct conversion of the horse's finishing time and the distance of the race using our computer modeled formula.

As an example, a typical ,000 claiming race could have a class rating of 85 one week and then 80 the next should a weaker set of horses compete, or a 90 if stronger horses get entered.

The best way to get the advantage when wagering on the harness races is to use the speed and class ratings together when handicapping.For example, say you want to know how your horse will stack up racing in a certain conditioned race after being in the claiming ranks the last few starts.Just take a look at the average class ratings of that conditioned race you are thinking of entering and compare it to the speed ratings your horse has been running.This can save you valuable time and money by finding races where your horse will be more competitive and earn you more money.Speed and class ratings are provided for every race in North America when available.This is also very useful for those who are thinking about shipping their horses off to race at another track.