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It reads, "Stew, do you think SEAL training Hell Week is still as hard as when you were going through BUD/S." Of course, any old frogman will tell you his Hell Week was the toughest ever, but I have to say, I have seen several Hell Weeks since I graduated from BUD/S in 1992 and they still suck.

After talking to some recent BUD/S graduates, we shared Hell Week stories that were as similar today as they were 20 years ago.

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This is where I came up with the saying - Live to Compete - Not Just Survive.It really helped make BUD/S a series of races vs pain and torture.We knew we would eat roughly every six hours and our mental goal was to make it to the next meal.So during the next two hours, we grabbed the logs and started log PT.After reviewing my article archives and more specifically my Navy SEAL related articles, I realized I have written about how to get to BUDS and what workouts will help you make it through BUDS, but I never wrote about Hell Week.

I received an email this week asking about my Hell Week.This article is going to try to explain to you who have not been through Hell Week what it is like and why it is one of the most successful tools in Navy SEAL training in determining a student's desire to serve.First, My last two years of preparation: My last two years at the Naval Academy were spent busting my butt preparing for SEAL training.This sent shock waves through the community as the Academy grads get pre-screened to go to BUD/S quite thoroughly for two years prior to graduation and not many ever quit! Many of my classmates, changed their minds about going to BUD/S as it rattled the Class of 1991 midshipmen who were seeking to go to BUD/S too. " We all asked, "How do we better prepare ourselves for Hell Week?We knew the guys in 1990 who quit were tough as nails. " We kicked around getting colder during our workouts, staying up later and sleeping less, getting under the log more in our workouts for log pt.All the BUD/S classmates had their strengths and worked on the weaknesses prior to BUD/S so the weaknesses were now moderate strengths.