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The different perspective made things feel more like they were happening to me, rather than a character I was controlling, which makes GTA a surprisingly different experience.

Driving or flying is, of course, a lot tougher with the more limited view, but still lots of fun, and the ability to switch at will makes it a luxury.

It tells a compelling, unpredictable, and provocative story without ever letting it get in the way of your own self-directed adventures through San Andreas.

Virtually everything in that review stands true of the 2014 version on Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

This is the same 30-plus hours of action-heavy story missions with the same three satirical protagonists, and nearly limitless potential for driving, flying, boating, or biking around.

Just a smattering of minor new side quests, different types of wildlife (from cats to dolphins), and collectibles top off its already enormous pile of content.

You can also download the instructions as a PDF from the Support tab.

Many are reporting that their Converters aren't working properly after performing a firmware update, but actually forgot to properly exit the firmware update process.It’s absolutely great for small-scale multiplayer antics, where you and a few friends get together and do co-op jobs, races, death matches, vehicular combat battles, or just sew random chaos throughout the San Andreas region.However, in a week of trying, I’ve never been able to get into a game with more than seven players – far short of the advertised increased limit of 30.The big new feature for the new-generation consoles is the optional first-person mode.It’s a whole new way of experiencing Grand Theft Auto like we never have before.It’s impressive how virtually no opportunity to throw in a subtle little touch was missed.